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About Us


Umbrella Media LLC is a full service independent creative design agency.


If you are already on this page, then you are either a business representative seeking branding services or a creative designer enjoying our content. In either case, we are pleased to have you read our story.

We are not the best branding agency in the UAE; do you know the best one? But we are your honest, experienced professional solution providers who don’t label themselves ‘the best agency / award-winning agency in UAE.’ Our work methodology and design approach are not different from those equipped by the best creative agencies in the world. However, we accept we are new and small, which will make your communication easier. The communication pathway is less time-consuming, ensuring quick delivery and feedback. Umbrella Media started with a team of six, and we plan to stay small in our sixth business year because we work on one brand at a time, giving our complete focus to it.

About the Founder

Umbrella Media LLC is a full-service independent creative design agency founded in 2016 by Suman Jangir, an Indian Expat residing in UAE since age 7. She is an MBA with a flair for Art & Design, which led to the establishment of the boutique agency. With over 15 years of industry experience, she has designed uncountable brand identities for private and government businesses in the UAE.

Her graphic design services include posters, logos, menus, company profiles, brochures, catalogs, company stationery items, vehicle branding, corporate gifts, Instagram posts, and other social media posts. Suman also designs books and works closely with some of the known printing houses in the UAE to get color accuracy and fine print. Her digital experience is not limited to just website design, and social media post designs but digital illustrations too.



About the team

We are a small team of creative like-minded people who create meaningful brand identities every day. Our designs help the clients to visually communicate their brand messages as well as grow their visual appeal. Our team consists of Brand Consultants, programmers, writers, and designers. We started working in co-working spaces on 7th November 2022, marking our sixth business anniversary our sixth anniversary. We hope to meet you soon at your office or in a less formal setting to listen to your next creative brief.

Our Mission

At Umbrella Media, we strive to grow with the brands we work for. Our aim is to provide creative and quality work that reflects our clients’ brand in its best form.

Our Vision

To create meaningful design solutions everyday for individuals and businesses. To keep creating.

Our Values

  • We provide honest and transparent services
  • We embrace change and continually evolve with our industry
  • We are all about helping our clients leverage their businesses
  • We maintain a positive and friendly work environment with our clients
Our Work Portfolio

Industries We Serve

Umbrella Media LLC provides graphic design services to Publishing Houses, Cafe and Restaurants, Sports Events, Retail Businesses, Schools and Nurseries, Food and Beverages, Fitness, Interior Decor Companies, Furniture Shops, Real Estate Firms, Therapists, Construction and Contracting, HVAC and Facade, Facilities Management Companies, Tailoring Shops, Car Rental Firms, Flowmeter Supply Companies, Engineering Companies, General Trading, Sports Equipments, Mobiles, and Electronics Trading, Cleaning Companies, Foodstuff Trading, Beauty Salons, Solar Energy, Lighting Solutions, Joinery, Bakeries located in the UAE and outside of UAE.