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Business Website Design UAE 2024

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Get A Website For Your Business

We'll tell you why.

Every business needs a website in 2024 in UAE

In today’s digital age, having a business website is not just a luxury but a necessity for businesses, even if you’re in an industrial UAE area. 

The Digital Necessity

If you ask, "Does my business need a website if it's in an industrial area in the UAE?" the answer is a resounding yes. Here’s why:

  • Your business website appears on Google Search Query made by your potential customer who consults Google before making any purchase decision. 
  • Your website appears to a potential new market segment who didn’t know your business existed. 
  • People prefer your business over your competitors because of the better brand story on your website. 
  • A business website frees you to connect, engage, and trade beyond geographical boundaries. It lets you expand your reach. 

Check the E-Commerce Website we made in 2023

Unsatified with Our Answer?

One of the biggest points to convince you is that the Millennials and Gen Z Business Owners will never find your business because you don’t have an online presence – a website indexed on Search Engines. Let’s not forget their dependency on Instagram Reels, FB posts, Google ads, and TikTok videos to collect information about a local business – its services, and products. 

A Case Study to convince you further

Baith Al Fursa Business Setup was an inactive business in Dubai for almost five years with an obsolete logo and a poorly designed website that didn’t do any justice. Here is what we did:

Logo Makeover

Design and Content go hand in hand. We decided to do a Logo Makeover before re-designing the website.

Logo Makeover

Website Design & Development

This website required a strategic approach. Our writers created a Brand Story that was transparent and focused on the strengths of Baith Al Fursa in Business Licensing and PRO Services in Dubai. We designed a responsive, functional, and trendy website that was Google-indexed.

Instagram Page Setup and Content

Another important aspect of the online presence of your business, after getting your website done, is to have your Social Media Account up and running. We set up Instagram and Facebook accounts for the client, creatively wrote the bio, and fixed the profile. Good posts attract new clients to your business.

Instagram posts

The Outcome

The client received five new leads in just a few days after we published the Website. The credibility of the business increased with the website and social media. The business acquired a more professional and legitimate image.

Our Offer

We want your business website to be ranked on search engines like Google. We want people (your target audience) to find your business when they are searching for a product or service online. We want people to connect with your brand through their smartphones and desktops. That’s why our business website design services start from 2000 AED. Our offer is affordable and budget-friendly. For 2000 AED, we make a customized theme-built website, WordPress, up to 5 pages, responsive and trendy design with original content of 700 to 1000 words. Rest can be discussed in person with you.

Get a Website

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