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What if you think you look good but you don’t?

What I mean is what if your brand doesn’t look as good as you think it does?

Who tells you what looks good or not?

The answer is it is Your target audience who are the first set of people to judge if your branding is working on them or not because your end goal is monetization. We are looking at the results from an economic standpoint more, and less on the social forefront. Next in line of critics are your business partners, family members, and friends and lastly, it is you who makes that judgement on a good design or bad design unless you are a branding expert yourself.

Another technique to test the greatness of your branding is by evaluating the number of times your sales emails were rejected, your business card was dismissed after you handed it over to a potential client, your brochure was thrown after two-second of viewership, your presentation put the audience on sleep mode or I-am-bored mode, your branded company car was unnoticed amidst the slow-moving traffic though it had the most vibrant colors amongst the dull vehicles driving next to it, and your website was discarded on the three second period of viewing of your home-page without any call to action from the user.

The bottom line is –your brand is being ignored. High time you switch off your denial mode on this topic. The truth is your brand is trying too hard to get noticed. Your logo is lost in the digital data and your marketing collaterals are no longer visible to people.

the sinking entrepreneur

You can have a sigh of relief because it is not about you, or your lack of confidence, it is not even the fault in your stars; it is the error in your branding, the mistake that is made in your logo design, the lack of persuading content and bad choice of unrelated visuals that are hindering your reach to your potential customers.

"People never leave a sinking ship until they see the lights of another ship approaching.”
- R.Buckminster Fuller

So, what do you do if you are in that sinking ship in the middle of the ocean and hit by an iceberg which was as invisible as your brand? Well, the answer is – you look for a lifeboat. Your first goal is to get out of the sinking ship.


Metaphorically speaking, your lifeboat is the design agency that will help you to get that brand makeover that you need to be seen. (Yes deep in my heart, I am suggesting myself for this rescue operation of your brand, how clever). But yes, do consider what I am saying. If you want your brand/company image to look sophisticated and be taken seriously, the design of the logo and all the collaterals must show coherence, elegance, logic, and timeless beauty.  Good designs don’t come for a cheap price but are decent enough for a small size business or a newly established business to afford. The same applies to the Solopreneurs.

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