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What If Your Brand Doesn't Look As Good As You Think?

It’s a tough question, but an important one: What if your brand doesn’t look as good as you think it does? Who decides what looks good or not?

The Answer: Your target audience is the first to judge if your branding is effective because your ultimate goal is monetization. We focus on economic outcomes rather than social perceptions. Next, your business partners, family members, and friends offer their opinions. Ultimately, you decide if your branding is effective—unless you're a branding expert, this judgment might be challenging.


Testing Your Branding's Effectiveness

Another way to assess your branding is by evaluating responses to your marketing efforts:

  • Rejected Sales Emails: If your sales emails are often ignored, your branding might not be compelling enough. 
  • Dismissed Business Cards: A potential client discarding your business card indicates a lack of impact.
  • Unnoticed Brochures: If your brochure doesn’t hold attention for more than a few seconds, it might be ineffective.
  • Boring Presentations: A presentation that puts the audience to sleep needs a branding overhaul.
  • Unnoticed Company Cars: If your branded vehicle goes unnoticed despite vibrant colors, it’s a branding issue.
  • Ignored Websites: If users leave your website within three seconds without engaging, your online presence needs work.

The Reality Check

Your brand might be ignored because it’s trying too hard to get noticed. Your logo and marketing materials may be lost in the digital noise. The issue isn’t you or your confidence; it’s the branding.

the sinking entrepreneur

The Solution

To rescue your brand, consider a makeover. A design agency can help you achieve a cohesive, elegant, and timeless brand image. While good designs come at a cost, they are affordable for small or newly established businesses. Even solopreneurs can benefit from investing in quality branding.

Over the last 8 years, many clients have contacted us for their Brand Makeovers. Here is one of the case studies for you to review – Flowline.

We were approached by this client for the second time to provide a good design for their existing logo. Our team created a classic logo that would always remain in trend – MDES.

We provided a refreshed, functional, and sound design for the Time Out X Website (An activewear retail trading business in Dubai, UAE). The client also approached us to provide a new good design for their car branding, logo, marketing collaterals, and Instagram Pages. Check the Time Out X Case Study.

"People never leave a sinking ship until they see the lights of another ship approaching.”
- R.Buckminster Fuller

If your brand feels like a sinking ship, find a lifeboat. Seek the help of a design agency to revitalize your brand.