Investing in a Brand Makeover

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When thinking of Brand Makeover, it becomes a difficult investment for both small and established brands, considering the logo & all following branding collaterals to be changed accordingly.


A brand makeover is advisable to future proof the relevancy of the brand amongst its competitors and followers. A carefully designed logo can help the brand stand out and directly influence the customers.




Need for Reinventing your brand

A. Naming a business without relating it to your business story:

Most of the business owners when naming a brand in the UAE, often ignore the “Story – telling” part of a brand.

Below are the incidences that are faced by some of the business owners, while naming their businesses:

  • Selecting their family name as the brand name, so it is easily acceptable by the economic department.
  • Rejections faced for some of the selections they made due to the name being in different language or being a combination of two words, creatively put together.
  • Some also face rejection of a name, under a certain license category, due to that name already being in existence.

“I personally had 24 names in my list, and had to face the rejection for all, while naming my Media and Advertising business. However, a simple name which connected with my story, was approved.”

B. Getting a designer or a friend to ‘Draw’ or ‘Write’ a logo without thinking of its business aspects:

I have studied and come across many clients who ask for a brand makeover because:

  • Either they just have their business name written in simple English and Arabic fonts with multiple colours.
  • Or they hired a designer just to do their logo, and took the responsibility of designing their marketing collaterals on their own. That’s why you may see same brand having logos in different colours and texts on different platforms.

A logo represents the unique identity of your business and from it emerges the Brand Guidelines based on what all marketing collaterals for the company are prepared.

Whenever I come across inappropriate or non-relative logo for a business, I have a natural tendency or urge to offer a makeover to the client; which often leads me to some free of cost services.

I humbly request everyone to hire a designer who can offer them a logo, brand guidelines and branding collaterals all together, so that any designer in the future can design artworks for your company without damaging your brand image.

C. Choice of logo colours without consideration to Colour Psychology:

There is a reason for food brands to be in colours of yellow, red, orange; Medical or pharmaceutical brands to be in the colours of green or blue; services industry logos to be in purple, gold or blue.


Use of colour psychology while deciding a logo colour becomes essential.

International Examples of Brand Makeover

I. Apple

II. Twitter

III. Facebook

In a continuous evolving world, the evolution of a logo/brand too becomes an important requirement.