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Corporate Presentations are your visual aid to communicate your message or idea to your audience, therefore, it is always better to have visually and mentally appealing slides to capture your audience from the first to the last slide.  

Company Profile Designer UAE. Umbrella Media LLC.

We design company profiles, powerpoint presentations, investor pitch decks, company profile booklets and corporate brochures for both print and digital media. We write company profiles in-house ensuring there is no plagiarism and narrate your brand story in the most compelling way. 

The simpler the information with the right keywords the better your idea comes across successfully.

Our Professional business writers (English and Arabic) have an exceptional talent in communicating your idea focusing on important key elements.  Our expert Visual Communications team will take the presentation to another level with a storytelling journey.  Enjoy a service that will give your company sound business advice on presenting a winning idea to your management, stakeholders and clients.

Powerpoint Presentation Design - 2000 AED for 10 Slides

Edit, Add, Re-use

Pay once to get the full design and write-up services of your presentation or company profile in powerpoint format. Our expert graphic designers and business writers team can create up to any number of pages as your business demands which is subjected to additional cost per page. The ten page design shall include infographic, design, and images. Edit it for years to come as per your convenience and business needs. It can be a sales presentation, company profile, pitch-deck, investor presentation, pre-qualification presentation, or a business plan. It is an option worth considering if you want a designer’s touch to your company profile. 

Change Picture

Edit Text

Edit Infographic Text

Company Profile Design PDF - 2000 AED for 10 Pages

Email, Print, Share, Submit

We have over 100+ happy customers who have used our company profile designing and writing services in the UAE. We have more demand for the PDF format of the company profile because it has a longer life. We create designs that can do without an upgrade for three to five years or more unless the company undergoes a brand makeover. PDF versions are a better investment since it’s best to leave the designing to the professionals. PDFs are easy to email, share, submit and upload on other websites if you are applying for a tender. 

Effective presentation needs effective words and visuals.

Why Choose Us?

We breathe art

  • Our passion and love for new brands and existing ones needing support give us a meaningful purpose to make a difference in the way to present.
  • With the creation of over 100 Presentations, we share our experience with individuals or business owners from various industries who want an award-winning service.
  • Umbrella Media LLC is regulated and licensed by the Dubai Economic Department and the National Media Council.
  • Our multi-cultural team is based in UAE and consists of passionate designers, writers and business enthusiasts with over 10 years of experience.
  • We maintain client confidentiality.
  • Our writers don't produce plagiarized content
  • We are brand strategists who study your business logo and brand elements to create a professional design that is unique to your business.

Types of Presentations We do

Affordable, Meaningful, Engaging

Out on the web, several options are available to you which allow you to make your own designs for free, but do you have the time when you are busy running the daily operations of your business? Umbrella Media gives you an affordable and time saving option for company profile and business presentations design. We don’t do templates. All designs are meticulously crafted after analyzing the client brief. 


Minimal Presentation Designs are always in demand and suit every type of business.


Informative presentation designs are usually made for an education business, or for a sales presentation showing data, figures, charts and supporting text.


Loud Presentation Designs scream passion, purpose and attention. The color palettes and design elements refuse to fit in a rule box.


Classic Presentation Designs have been used since the birth of graphic design in all industries and context. The images are subtle with distinctive color palette and defined design elements.


Custom Presentation Designs are born from the logo and brand elements of a business. Our clients usually don't have the brand guidelines, so we study the logo and provide two presentation design options on the deciphered brand elements. We recommend custom presentation designs for company profiles.

Booklet (A4, A5)

In UAE, the business professionals still prefer reading a physical company profile booklet before deciding on a vendor. We design company profiles in A4, A5 or custom size that are ready-to-print. Our scope of work includes writing (at times), sourcing the images (except for the project and products), and designing.

Pre-qualification Document

In UAE, the contractors, construction companies, technical services, glass industries, joinery firms, engineering consultancies, real estate firms, and property developers are required to submit a pre-qualification document in-order to bid for a project. Umbrella Media has designed a few pre-qualification documents ranging from 20 pages to 140 pages for different companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah.

Investor Pitch Deck or Presentation

Our business writers shall create engaging content from the business idea you share. The graphic designers then visually translate the text with the help of graphs, pictures, illustrations and infographics into a short 10 to 20 page pitch deck, ready to be presented.

Business Plan Presentation

Most individuals prefer a business plan before starting a business. They like to have an overview of the business goals, requirements, risks, resources, investments before hand. We leave the financial documentation to the client. However, we follow the directives given to us, and ensure the text is strategically written and the document is well-designed.

We Make Presentations for all kinds of Industries

Small & Medium Size Businesses, Pre-schools, Education Institutes, Solopreneurs, Sales Executives, Cafe & Restaurants, Construction & Contracting, and Home-owned Businesses.

Contact us to get an impressive, unique, and elegant business presentation design. Email enquiry to or call us on +971 55 3301770.

We create original, quality designs for company profiles with digitally illustrated infographics and well thought of strategic content including visuals, text and custom icons. Hire us today to stand out from your competition!