Should your business have online presence

Struggling to decide if your business needs to have an online presence on Social Media Platforms?

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Should your business have online presence
Should your business have an online presence?

Struggling to decide if your business needs to have an online presence on Social Media Platforms?

Not knowing where to start?

Start small Start now.

Businesses invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but refuse to understand the overall concept of Marketing. SEO is essential, but if you lack the budget for it, Inbound Marketing is a better option. One of the Inbound Marketing tools is Social Media, where you can create brand awareness, inform your customers about your latest product launch or offers, engage with your brand ambassadors and audience, create an organic fan following regionally and globally, form business partnerships with like-minded businesses and thus grow your business.

The First step and the smallest of all is to set up the social media accounts suited to your industry type. 

The choice of Social Media Channels depends on 

  1. Your business type
  2. Your social media marketing manager 😉

The second step is to create engaging and meaningful content. Create content that aligns with your marketing goals or marketing plan of the year. Personalize it with your brand values and beliefs. Try not to post copied content as it is not supported by the algorithm. Copied content can be brand damaging. Avoid posting selfies if you are a business. If you are a consultancy business, fitness coach, counselor, realtor, branding specialist, fashion designer, Youtuber, gamer, artist and a doctor, etc you can have some content that is about you (short video, image, or boomerang for example) to make yourself relatable to your followers. Post your work and projects but after seeking approval from your clients who might object to publicly posting due to privacy reasons. Our biggest advice is to stay authentic, raw, and mindful when it comes to publishing your content online. Post something that can help your viewers or their businesses. Be useful to your audience.

The third step is to prepare your month’s Social Media Calendar in advance and schedule your posts. Monitor the growth and engagement on a daily basis. Consistent Social Media Posts do better but only if they are relevant. 

If you are a business owner who has limited time in hand and wouldn’t like to engage himself/herself in executing marketing tasks, then contact us. We have our affordable Social Media Marketing rates for you if you are a business based in UAE or outside UAE. We can create content for you in advance and your team can just post it. Or you can hire our Social Media Marketing team to create, post, and engage with your target audience. 


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