Logo Design – Jyothirgamaya Natya Kalari

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Logo Design for a brand based in India called “Jyothirgamaya Natya Kalari”


Part 1: Briefing 

Mr. Arka Mukhopadhyay, the Founder of Jyothirgamaya Natya Kalari, had sent us a detailed brief for the logo design. He explained the brand – its vision, concept, and future plans associated with it.

Sharing a part of his brief here:

Jyothirgamaya Natya Kalari is envisioned as a collective for research, creation and pedagogical dissemination in the performing arts. We intend to explore traditional practices of performing arts, rituals, martial arts, etc. as part of a greater whole including knowledge systems in healing, construction, food etc. We intend to be builders of bridges between the present and the past – between traditional and contemporary performance practice and also their intersection with the other knowledge systems mentioned above. 


Part 2: Preparing the first three design drafts for Brand

Mr. Arka has been very precise with the type of logo he envisioned.

His words were:
For the logo, I am looking for something that has the austere richness of Zen brushstrokes.

We prepared three logo design options for the client. Once he selected the first draft, we developed it further with better fonts, better figure, and adding more details to it.


Part 3: Final submission after two revisions

Jyothirgamaya Natya Kalari  has three design symbols/elements to it:

a. The Torch: The fire at the end of the stick symbolises the light of spirit, knowledge and life. It shows how Jyothirgamaya through its various theatre and educational and martial arts programs will enlighten the community.

b. The Ardhanarishvara: A symbol showing both man and woman in one figure. Separate identities but equally strong. This figure is shown moving from darkness to light (taking a leap towards enlightenment of his own and others).

c. Red Dot: Refers to power.


Ardhanarishvara – Jyorthirgamaya logo emblem


Red Dot symbolising power, strength, womanhood and life


Final logo: 

Jyothirgamaya Natya Kalari Logo Design by Umbrella Media Dubai


Mr. Arka Mukhopadhyay has been very kind in expressing his appreciation for Umbrella Media’s work. Below is a link for you to read his comment.