5 things to remember when launching your business into social media UAE

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5 things to remember when launching your business onto social media UAE

As the UAE National Day is approaching, Umbrella Media and Advertising is happy to give-away 5 tips on Social Media Marketing while you launch your business into the social media world. These tips can help you make a strong online presence also allowing you to interact with your customers.

1. Determine your goals

What is it that you would like to achieve with your social media pages? Are you seeking a bigger following or hoping to make connections and sales through the platforms? Or both? Once you are aware of what your purpose is, it becomes easier to decide the next steps.


2. Determine who your audience is

After deciding your goals, determine who you would like to reach. If you are a restaurant opening close to an area with many universities, your main goal might be to grab the attention of the students and faculty. Having this knowledge enables you to direct your focus to certain locations, hashtags, and demographics when you make posts and create ads. It also enables you to determine the kind of content people belonging to these demographics most consume and deliver something worked into the same lines.

3. Decide what platforms would work best for you

The biggest mistake most businesses make when it comes to social media is spreading themselves too thin across various platforms. You do not need to be on every social media platform if you cannot afford to keep them running. Additionally, not every platform might suit your business. And even if it did, reposting your content in the same form everywhere is mostly a waste of efforts.


4. Plan out your content layout for each platform

When it comes to Instagram, you might have a visual idea of what you want your feed to look like. Facebook might have more videos for example. Twitter might be entirely different to both Instagram and Facebook. Have a look at how some major brands use each platform (Wendy’s could be a start). You want to ensure you are communicating the way the audience absorbs content on each platform. If you are still posting the same exact piece of content on every platform, without modifying it, you are doing it wrong. This is especially important for businesses such as restaurants.


5. Use appropriate hashtags and tags

Use appropriate hashtags that are relevant to the remaining aspects of the post. Tag relevant accounts as well as the location before publishing your post. Ensuring you take these steps helps new people find your account.


Now that you have these basics down, ensure you are connecting with people and making conversations while on social media. Good luck!
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