Things to remember before starting your e-commerce business in UAE

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As e-commerce continues to boom in United Arab Emirates (UAE), mainly Dubai, aspiring entrepreneurs in the UAE are actively seeking ways to start their online store to sell consumer goods like accessories, electronics, fashionwear, groceries, etc.

In order to launch your online retail store, you need to have the below:

  1. A plan – What is it that you wish to sell? Who do you wish to sell to? Would you buy it yourself? If so, how would you want your journey in getting the product or service to be? What are your ways to achieve that? These are few of the many questions you need to ask yourself before proceeding. The plan does not need to be set in stone and can be modified as you move ahead in your business, but it is necessary to have a framework to make important decisions.
  2. A creative business name that is memorable and potentially a conversation starter. Ensure that you can get that name on your license by consulting concerned authorities as many rules will affect the approval of your chosen business name. We recommend doing this prior to working on your branding so your money doesn’t go to waste.
  3. A commercial license that allows you to sell physical products or digital products online. Thoroughly look into your different options enlisting pros and cons as you go before settling for one.
  4. An e-commerce website that has a reliable content management system, easy navigation, good product management features, a responsive and creative design, an online payment gateway, is functional on multiple devices, and ideally has a live chat option, is a basic necessity for your business. Keep in mind what your target audience would like to see on the website when planning it. Also keep us in mind if you would like to create a great e-commerce website made especially for your business.

You are almost ready to launch your e-commerce business at this point. However, if you are doing it, then do it right. Plan a marketing strategy and launch it with an effective marketing campaign. This brings you to the following requirement:

  1. A marketing team to work on your brand and your brand’s SEO (which can bring genuine users to your website), social media marketing (to showcase you as an active brand in the UAE, help you be better than the competition, to effectively interact with your target audience through special offers and giveaways), PR, google ads, and SMS marketing.

If you are a small business or a new startup in Dubai or any of the seven emirates, you don’t want to lag behind in the UAE Market. Become an online retailer now, and let people know you are selling.

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