Direct Point

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The globe in the old logo of Direct Point did not reflect the part of the world it catered to or was in. Also, “Businessmen Services” seemed to be a more accurate representation of the business over “Documents Clearing Services”. We put forth those changes as well as gave our own twist to the logo that we found fitting to the brand. We also designed the business cards and got them printed into 5 cm squares, compact and worth remembering.

In addition to logos and business cards, the marketing collateral we designed for Direct Point also included letterhead design and envelope design.

Given all the time a lot of us spend in our cars, often stuck in traffic, vehicle branding is a good way of getting noticed. We helped brand the vehicles of Direct Point as part of our branding package.

We also worked on Direct Point’s website and our services included planning the whole website and implementing it, including content writing in English and Arabic, and photography and graphic design.