Construction Company Logo Makeover, Company Profile Project

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Over the last few years, we have told stories of many businesses through strategically designed Company Profiles – both digital business presentations and print corporate profile booklets.


You may wonder why there is still a need for a company profile if the business is visible online on websites and social media platforms. But to date, if you are an entrepreneur or a business development executive who wants to connect with a prospective client, then the probability of connecting with the desired decision-maker via email through a digital company profile or in-person meeting is comparatively higher. We receive requests for a Pre-qualification document pdf file, company presentation, portfolio design, sales pitch deck, and investor presentations from business owners across the Middle East, India, and Canada. The below case study is that of a construction company based in Dubai, who had come to us with a request for a Logo makeover and corporate profile design and write-up.

Process Overview

1. Logo Makeover

Based on the client’s brief, we wanted to provide a logo with three design options – each design being aesthetically appealing yet different in its form and shape. The client selected a minimalistic design option which was later created for both English and Arabic Language. Our designers love drawing fonts and shapes that will create a brand story. The logo contains the letter T and W, placed together to form a structure with a window.

Logo Makeover Logo Facelift Dubai

The Arabic font of the logo is hand-drawn to match it with the font used for the English language. Our designers prefer hand drawing a font for our clients so that it stands out from the crowd.



2. Company Profile Booklet Design

Booklet Design
Company Profile Booklet Design by Umbrella Media Dubai



After submitting the logo, our team of writers and designers created the company profile booklet, which underwent a series of revisions with the client to reach the desired outcome.

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