MDES rebranding project

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MDES – A Rebranding Project

MDES was a rebranding project commissioned to us by one of the three partners of MDES. MDES represents Mazameer Design Engineering Services and it is based in Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They had an existing logo design but it didn’t deliver the brand message aptly, and that’s the time when the client decided to contact us for Rebranding. 



1. Mission:

To develop a new logo for Mazameer Design Engineering Services and help the placement of the brand name in a way it helps with Brand Recall and appeals to their target audience.



2. Findings:

Our brand strategists studied their existing logo and concluded it had a weak wordmark (or M symbol) in the logo. In terms of business model, Mazameer Design Engineering Services cannot be placed as a sub-brand of Fencon Mazameer Architectural Design LLC, which the client’s old designer had aimed to achieve with their logo design.

 It made more sense to place Mazameer Design Engineering Services as an independent brand to Fencon Mazameer Architectural Design LLC. Such placement allowed the client to bid for tenders with more flexibility, as the services offered by both brands were completely different.  



3. Solution: 


Logo Makeover of MDES

The old logo design showed the use of the letter M as a logomark. We decided to make the logomark with the Acronym of the brand name – MDES. We suggested the domain name be instead of as the latter would be a difficult URL entry to type for the target audience. To encourage Brand consistency, we suggested the term MDES be used on all collaterals including the website. 


We decided to make the logomark with the Acronym of the brand name – MDES.


4. Design Process:

 We proposed three logo design concepts to the client, based on the client’s brief, our findings, and our solution. This client was open to listening to our suggestions and we are grateful to him for letting our team work with what they thought was the best. One logo concept was selected by the client, which underwent three rounds of unlimited revisions. We are using the word unlimited revision because, in the revision process, it is true that the logomark or basic design doesn’t change, but the font and the colors are amended several times till the client is totally happy with it.  

We proposed a logo design containing a Logomark (symbol/icon/pictogram) and a Wordmark.

4a. Logomark:

We drew MDES in small letters to add humility and acceptance as brand traits. Each letter was composed of several polygons to represent the complexity of engineering and design. The logomark should create an impact on the subconscious level of the viewers, and we succeeded in achieving it. The colors we suggested for the logomark are green and blue. Green emphasizes the environmental ethics followed by the client in their engineering practice and the color blue shows trust and loyalty. We added the element of ‘evolving design’ to the logo by creating a gradient effect showing the smooth transitioning of the color green to blue – a good blend.

4b. Wordmark:

The wordmark we designed shows structure, design principles, colors, and engineering solutions. We used a custom font to create the wordmark of the logo and decided to keep it in blue color for easy readability. Yes, all our logo designs are hand-made. A single-color wordmark always looks stronger than a two-color or three-color wordmark. 

4c. Logo Variations:

The MDES logo is created with such perfect ratio and colors that it didn’t need a different variation to it. The colors are strategically assigned to the logo so it can be easily placed on both white/lighter or black/darker backgrounds. 


5. Output:

 The design file along with the high-quality jpeg, png, and pdf file was handed over to the client for future use. 


6. Impact:

The client was happy to receive the logo makeover. As designers, it is fulfilling to see a client happy with your design and accepts the solutions you propose. We were delighted to be part of the logo makeover process for the second time with this client. It’s always a pleasure to see clients come back to us for design services. 


 A Short Reminder:

 If you need a logo makeover, please send us an inquiry to . 

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