Invest or not to invest in a logo design

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As I come across many entrepreneurs on day to day life, I happen to see a pattern of reaction in them towards a Media and Branding Agency.

They have the usual questions, for example:

a.    To invest or not to invest in a logo design?

b.    To get a logo from a printer, a graphic designer or from a boutique design studio?

c.    To design a logo by himself/herself?

d.    To ask a friend who has some knowledge of Photoshop?

e.    To get it done from a freelancer online?

But then I cannot blame them for their confusions. They have read several articles online, including world’s best and worst logo designs, which has given rise to the prevailing confusion in their minds.

I am currently helping some small and mid-size companies with their brand makeover or in developing consistency towards their branding collaterals, which was missed by their designer/colleague/friend.


I have seen majority of the businesses don’t consider investing in a logo design, which results in a bigger investment for a brand makeover after few months.


Here are some facts:

a.    Some of these companies don’t have the source files of the logo,

b.    or the brand guidelines were never provided by the designer,

c.    or the logo used over years is not balanced/aligned,

d.    or the logo design lacks to represent the company’s identity


As a marketer, I look forward to the day, when business owners will consider investment in a logo design as part of the business set up cost, and will set aside a budget for branding.